Our GardenHave you ever wondered how your food grows? Have you ever wanted to grow your own fruit and vegetables but don’t know where to start? Would you like to learn some practical skills that you can take into your community and begin your own growing adventure?

The Mildmay Community Centre would like to invite all local residents to come along to the community garden and to help transform the area into our own annual food growing space and a forest garden. Our aim to create a working example of two different small-scale urban growing areas that can produce organic food for the community café and inspire residents to get growing. We hope to work alongside residents of the Mildmay Ward to create a welcoming environment where you can relax and, if you want, learn about different approaches to food growing and the ways it can energise and connect a community.

What we would like to achieve from the project includes:

  • GardenTo produce organic fruit, herbs and vegetables for residents and the community kitchen.
  • To create two inner-city agricultural examples from which we can run a series of workshops and classes related to growing food.
  • To create educational hub that offers members of the Mildmay Ward an opportunity to learn different skills which can help people start their own growing communities (e.g. within the grounds of the Mayville Estate).
  • To establish a link between community growing projects and the collective health (both mental and physical) of community members.
  • To support the community-led design and creation of community gardens across the Mildmay Ward.
  • To introduce the idea of urban farming as a form of community resistance against government policies that create food poverty.
  • To use food growing as a method of connecting people back to the land and to learn skills that will help us look after our shared environment.

With the ambition of being prepared for the spring, our aim for the space will include:

  • Polytunnel/greenhouse for starting seeds and extending the growing season
  • Terraced growing space
  • Forest garden
  • Socialising/relaxation area
  • Accessible planting beds for residents with mobility difficulties.
  • Herb garden
  • Compost and wormery
  • Outdoor classroom/workspace
  • Fruit trees and bushes
  • Equipment shed

Ethos of the project:

At a time where the world feels increasingly divided, we hope that the community garden will become a space for reconnecting and rebuilding a sense of community. This is a shared space for residents of the local area and for people who use the centre. With this in mind, the project hopes to take direction through the input and feedback of the people from the area. We hope to find out:

  • What gardening/building/creative skills already exist in the area?
  • What do residents want to grow?
  • What do the residents want to learn about in relation to growing food?
  • Would residents like to see artwork in the outdoor areas?
  • And if so, what would they like to see?


We hope to develop this project alongside residents with the community’s interests at heart and in mind. As such, the community will have the ability to shape the produce that is grown for the café so that the food that is grown is culturally relevant and respects your wants and needs. If you are a local resident and want to contribute to this project, or want to get in touch for any other reason related or unrelated to gardening, please send an email over to domcommunities4gardening@mildmaycp.org.uk. We are hoping to discover what produce would be most relevant to the residents in the area and will try our best to grow it.

If you have any feedback, I have created a questionnaire below which could be filled out and returned to me.

PlantsIntroducing our garden

MCP’s growing project is an exciting and participatory horticultural project that supports the health and wellbeing of residents on the Mayville Estate.

We currently have 12 growing plots and a diverse group of growers – we provide the tools, knowledge and start-up equipment to our grower’s who often have limited space or knowledge or who live in properties that don’t have gardens.

Our project is therefore a vital resource in the communities that we work in: we provide a calm, warm and supportive atmosphere for grower’s to flourish in, we help grower’s get started, we bring residents together who normally wouldn’t interact and we support the overall wellbeing of our growers.

Green StrawberryGetting involved

We pride ourselves on out participatory approach to our project and if you’d like to get involved with this project, please get in touch with us on 020 7249 8286 or email mildmaycp@gmail.com

Photos of the recent work on the garden

Please click the following image for a link to more photos