We at the Mildmay community centre would love to get the people in this neighbourhood to cook more, whether they are complete beginners or keen cooks.  Nutritious home-cooked food is an important element for a healthy lifestyle helping to combat diet-related ill health and improve wellbeing. We also know that cooking and sharing meals with others is an important way to reduce isolation, build community spirit, confidence and wellbeing.  By providing a Community Kitchen this will encourage people to cook for others when they have learnt new recipes and skills.

Every bit of work we do in the community kitchen has food at its heart, as we know food brings people together in so many ways. Whether it’s sharing a meal, cooking a healthy dinner or growing your own vegetables to eat, good eating can enhance lives beyond a meal. Our kitchen will be a physical place where we can share our stories and recipes.

We encourage everybody to come along to join in our planned workshops or just for a friendly chat. Our workshops will suit all tastes, ages and abilities. We are offering everybody in the community the chance to learn about great healthy eating creating new recipes, and to participate in seasonal eating, family cookery and healthy eating on a budget.

Share your recipe with usWe are asking all of our residents to share their favourite recipes with us, so that we can create a recipe book  for all of our community to enjoy and  share with family, friends and neighbours.

Community Kitchen News

ward-glassA Huge ‘Thank You’ to the ‘Ward Glass Team’ for their very kind and generous donation to Mildmay Community Centre. The donation received is to go towards food supplies for the foodbank of which Mildmay Community Partnership are continuing to run here at the Mildmay Community Centre over the coming months.

We have been running a food bank here at the centre since the month of March 2020 and continue to support our local communities during this very difficult time. Therefore, donations are paramount to our successfully continuing to run the foodbank. So, once again ’Thank You to all the Team’ at ‘Ward Glass Ltd’

Food services already established at the centre.

Thursday – hot vegan lunches

Please just turn up at the centre between 12.30pm and 1.30pm at the side exit of the building to collect a meal.

You may collect more than one on behalf of your family or friends.

For more information please contact Robyn on 0208 806 4250.

Friday – supermarket surplus food bank

If you would like to collect surplus food on a Friday you will need to go on to our list.

We will need to know how many adults and how many children are in your family, plus dietary requirements.

Please contact the centre on 020 7249 8286 – or Christina on 07789 431 498

If you do not have access to telephone or email or are from our homeless community, please feel free to come to the centre

on Friday between 11.30am and 1.30pm to discuss your needs and how we can help.

For extra help, advice & services please contact

Mutual Aid at mildmaymutualaid@gmail.com

Mildmay Community Centre on 020 7249 8286


Please follow Mildmay Community Centre on Facebook & Twitter for up to date information on help, online classes and services.



Look forward to meeting you all