We have a range of activities, clubs and sport groups as well as educational activities and advice services at Mildmay Community Centre including Zumba ,Capoeira Kids UK, Under 5’s Football and Arsenal Double Club, Sports and Life Skills homework club and many more regular Groups, Workshops, Services and Activities.

If you have a particular activity, workshop or project, you would like to run here at your local community centre. We currently have availability of the hall and a meeting room during the weekdays.

To apply to run a project, workshop activity or provide a service for a term of 12 consecutive weeks (minimum). You qualify for one of the lower rates of hire. Please see below for further details:

If you run a class or would like to hold a club we have three hourly rates for regular hire:

Local Residents and Groups; local community groups or residents run by local residents for the local community within the Mildmay Ward of Islington. – £7.65 per hour

Registered Charities and Community Interest Companies; that are entirely charitable organisations or groups who are shown to be of benefit to the local community within the Mildmay ward and surrounding areas of Islington and Camden. –  £12.75 per hour

A Commercial or a Social Enterprise; who run projects, workshops, activities and services so as provide improvements in health and well-being  for and on behalf of the local community within the Mildmay ward and surrounding areas of Islington and Camden. – £19.95 per hour

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email mildmaycp@gmail.com or telephone on 020 7249 8286 should you require any further information or assistance.

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For Private Hire rates please see our Make a Booking page.