Mildmay Community Partnership (MCP)

Our Mission Statement:

“The objects of which the Company is formed shall be predominantly but not exclusively for the benefit of the inhabitants of Mildmay in the London Borough of Islington to relieve poverty and to develop the capacity and skills of the said inhabitants in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs and to participate more fully in society with the object of improving their quality of life.”

MCP is a community development organisation. It has been a legal entity since 22nd March 2004 and a registered charity since 27th May 2004. MCP is a company limited by guarantee.

MCP was established to predominantly but not exclusively be of benefit to the inhabitants of Mildmay in the London Borough of Islington (the “area of benefit”). In particular, we were created to relieve poverty and to develop the capacity and skills of our community. Today, through partnership with Islington Council, we focus on bringing community assets together and making strategic independent investments in a more tightly-knit, vibrant community.

MCP’s current operational activities:

  • Management of the award-winning Mildmay Community Centre
  • Lead Agency for the Mildmay Ward Partnership (Neighbourhood Management)
  • Community outreach and microgrants program

Our board

Andrew Holzman

An American expatriate, Andrew moved to Islington after being offered a training contract from an international commercial law firm based in London. Andrew brings a range of experience in community development and non-profit management to his work at MCP. Previously he was the founder of a drop-in centre for the elderly based in Chicago.

Linda Brown

Chair of the South Mildmay Tenants Cooperative; Voluntary support for the Golden Oldies Senior Citizens and Disabled Group Linda brings tremendous knowledge of the local community to the organisation, having lived in Islington since 1969. She has been involved with the community centre, for over twenty of those years, primarily volunteering with its elderly users.


Steve Brown

Board member of the South Mildmay Tenants Cooperative; Steve brings a great deal of knowledge of the local community to the organisation, as a life-long resident. Steve’s profession is a Senior Support Analyst in IT for a large London law firm. Steve has taken on the responsibility to review our telecoms contracts, and more recently premises management.


Joe Caluori

A local Councillor for the ward of Mildmay since 2010 and Lead Member for Children, Young People and Families Islington since 2013. Joe has knowledge and relationships with other local groups and institutions. The main priority for Joe would be to source funding for community activities to meet the needs of the local area, including young people’s activities and social isolation.


Hannah Coyne

Currently works for the NHS. As a local resident Hannah is keen to become more involved in her local community. Hannah has experience of organising meetings and fundraising and so will using her skills and experience in meeting the needs of the local community.

Steven Marshall

A Teacher, Sports Coach and Director. Steven has provided sports coaching for young people and children for over 12 years in his local area. Having grown up in the area Steven has over the years, built a good relationship with many of the local parents, young people and children who live on the Mayville estate


Olly Parker

Olly is a local Councillor for Mildmay ward. Professionally, he works as a campaigner for a national autism awareness charity based in Islington. He brings significant experience in board work and governance to MCP, and currently leads the board’s effort to attract new trustees with needed skills.


Gary Richefond

An IT Consultant/ Trainer by profession. Gary brings a great deal of experience to the youth provision services. Gary is currently running a Vocational Academic Mentoring Programme for Young People. Gary is interested in working alongside the young people of the area and sees the centre as a fantastic resource for future projects that are of benefit to the local community.


Milly Webster

A life-long resident of the Mayville estate and member of the Golden Oldies Senior Citizens and Disabled Group. Milly has been coming to the Mildmay Community Centre for a number of years. Milly is now retired but has a wealth of knowledge not only about the area as a local tenant but as a long-term user of the community centre