Mildmay Growers Project

PlantsIntroducing our garden

MCP’s growing project is an exciting and participatory horticultural project that supports the health and wellbeing of residents on the Mayville Estate.

We currently have 12 growing plots and a diverse group of growers – we provide the tools, knowledge and start-up equipment to our grower’s who often have limited space or knowledge or who live in properties that don’t have gardens.

Our project is therefore a vital resource in the communities that we work in: we provide a calm, warm and supportive atmosphere for grower’s to flourish in, we help grower’s get started, we bring residents together who normally wouldn’t interact and we support the overall wellbeing of our growers.

Green StrawberryGetting involved

We pride ourselves on out participatory approach to our project and if you’d like to get involved with this project, please get in touch with us on 020 7249 8286 or email

Photos of the recent work on the garden

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